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What Is EPoS

Electronic Point of Sale or EPoS is the point where in every sale transaction ends, where the exchange of money and product transpires, and where the purchase is documented for record keeping. It is the innovative system used in modern business to efficiently record sales transactions. It automates business processes and efficiently and accurately. EPoS systems’ capabilities may include components such as cash registers, monitors, barcode readers, touch screen modules, and keyboards.


A Brief History

Before the POS system that we know today, there was the cash register. It was invented by an American saloon owner in 1879 to prevent his employees from pilfering from his profits. It was a crude mechanical device that simply added the sales that took place and made the now famous ringing sound to announce a sale. By 1915, every corner retail store had a cash register, also known as the till. These newer machines had additional functions like providing cumulative totals and audit trails of transactions. Improvements in technology continued to initiate the evolution of cash registers. In the 1960s, electronic cash registers were introduced.

Businesses were growing exponentially, not only in terms of size but also in intricacy. As businesses got bigger, so was the demand in increasing the efficiency of basic business processes.

The introduction of the IBM 3650 store system in 1973 changed everything. It was the first mainframe computer used as a store controller. It was capable of controlling over one hundred POS registers. For the first time, all the sales from different registers can be backed up to one location and effectively automating business transactions. Around the same time, bar code readers were introduced. Not only did this enable faster input, it also minimized errors that manual processes are susceptible to.

Since then, technology has made leaps in the development of the modern day incarnation of the Electronic Point of Sale systems.


EPoS Is For You

EPoS systems can be found in retail outlets such as department stores, convenience and grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, clothing stores among others.  In this type of business, the EPoS system keeps track of inventory, data entry, records sales, prints out receipts, provides the order total, and many other functionalities. Bar code scanners can also be integrated to the PoS system for a more efficient and accurate sales transaction.

EPoS is also widely used in the hospitality industry. Systems are set up in hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, resorts, and many other similar businesses. Modern enterprises as automated their processes using EPoS, from the order process, room reservations, staff management, stock updating and many more.

EPoS systems provide numerous advantages to any business that not having it is unthinkable.


What EPoS Can Do For You

In order for business to succeed in these times, automation in the form of EPoS is essential. It provides an exceptional level of control on every aspect of your enterprise. Your information about your business is always up to date. With EPoS integrated in your company, you are able to:

  • Control Inventory – The EPoS software will be able to update you with the latest status of the inventory of your products.

  • Manage Employees – PoS system software are capable of employee time clock management, scheduling, and payroll information.

  • Check Sales Reports – Sale transaction reports, which are indispensable in analyzing business performance, can be generated through the software.

  • Integrate Multiple-channel Orders– The system can incorporate orders coming to the store, through the web, and through mail.

Electronic Point of Sales systems provides many more features like backing up of data, security, eCommerce integration. It has so much to offer your business and we can help you get the perfect package for the perfect price.


How EPoS Will Benefit You

Certainly, Electronic Point of Sale is an innovative system that all entrepreneurs need to be at their disposal. There are numerous advantages in integrating this system to your business.  In retail, the EPoS systems provide these benefits:

Inventory – One of the biggest advantages that retail EPoS systems are able to offer retailers. Inventories may be difficult to keep track of. Without an automated system in place, it could be one of the most time consuming task. A retailer can never have too much or too little in stock as he loses money either way. Retail EPoS can provide up to the minute update of the status of your items’ entire inventory. It can subtract an item from the inventory as the sale transpires. Retail PoS software can also generate inventory reports for a specific period, giving you vital information in purchasing decisions in the future as it will show customer demand for particular items.

Knowing you customers – EPoS systems can provide you with valuable insight concerning your customers, specifically their shopping behavior. It can track each of your customers shopping history and will greatly assist in building better customer relations. This increases customer retention and will equate to success in your business.

Speed of Transaction – Having established an electronic point of sale system will result to faster transactions in the check-out counter and better customer experience. Modern PoS systems are equipped with hardware such as bar code scanners that significantly decreases the time to input items to the register and gets rid of human error. An efficient check-out counter translates to faster lines and happier customers.

An EPoS system is equally beneficial to those in the hospitality industry. Restaurants, hotels, and bars can benefit using the system by:

Speeding up the ordering process – PoS systems can now be integrated with touch screen input devices that a wait staff can carry to the table to place customer orders on. This effectively shortens the distance between the table and kitchen. The order is instantaneously transmitted to the kitchen to be prepared as the order process is concluded.

Stock updating – With the software installed, availability can easily be determined by a simple press of a button. Inventory can easily be replenished before stocks run out and avoid customer disappointment.

Keeping track of business – The EPoS system can generate reports for the management showing them the sales figures of any given time. Management is provided invaluable information that would tell them what item is selling fast, what days are the busiest and should be prepared for, customer behavior, among other things. This can greatly aid managers in making adjustments on prices, staffing, what stock to replenish, and equipment changes or system upgrades.

Knowing staff activity – Since the staff is required to key in orders, management can monitor who sent in the order going to what table. This increase staff accountability and professionalism since they feel responsible for every order they take.


How We Can Help You

There are so many benefits that you can take advantage of with EPoS. In today’s competitive climate, the only way to keep up and succeed is to make the jump and embrace EPoS as a solution.  However, there are numerous EPoS providers out there and looking into many of them will take you precious time and energy before you find the right one. At the same time, you have to make sure that you are provided with a system that is perfect for your business’ needs at the perfect price point. With our help, you will be able to achieve this without exerting time and effort. We will do the work for you.

We will provide you with the assistance that you need so that the system that you acquire will be perfect for your needs. Through us, providers will compete for your business and we will deliver you with the best quotes that you can compare and choose from. This way, you will get the best deals without expending unnecessary time and money. Get a free quote from us and take advantage of these services:

  • Low price – We guarantee that the quotes that you will get will be the best price you’ll see anywhere.

  • Reputable providers – We have a comprehensive list of established and leading companies who will be competing to provide you with the best service that you can get.

  • We will deliver best quotes and will surprise you with how quick we are.

  • This service is free! – We will deliver the quotes at no cost; you literally save time and money!

Get your free quotes now.


Why We Help

We are composed of experienced and committed people who have your interest as our priority. We have been in your place and we fully understand how difficult it is to pick from so many choices. We will make use of all that we have learned from our years of experience in this field to provide you with all the information that you need so that you can make the best decision for your company.  We know that this is a considerable investment. It is as important to us that you are able to get the best innovations that will propel your company to succeed in this competitive climate.

Having and EPoS system will save you time and money on a daily basis. It will make jobs easier. The multiple operations that this system can do at the same time are outstanding compared to the old retail system. Customer service quality will increase by leaps and bounds increasing customer retention. This also results to shorter after shift routines for employees, which leads to shorter man hours. Employees are happy because they can go home early, you’re happy because you saved money. This alone is reason enough to take the leap to EPoS. The benefits, however does not stop there. Profits can be monitored better, expenses can be tracked, theft is avoided, and it will increase the speed of your transactions. With EPoS, you have better control of your business. Do what’s best for you. Get your free quotes today.

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