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Air Conditioner Installation

Upgrading the air conditioning unit in your home may be needed.

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If it was installed when the home was first built. Your furnace or heating unit may need to be converted from one that uses fuel oil to one that uses natural gas. A new heating and cooling system for any New York property can help you to save on monthly utility bills by being energy efficient. Routine maintenance is also necessary to ensure the unit is not running up your utility bill. Air conditioning services and heating services are available to keep a home comfortable on cold winter days and hot days during the summer.

Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installation

New models of air conditioners are available that are easy to use and energy-efficient. You may have a unit that runs on gas replaced with one that runs on electricity. The controls will be easy to operate and some models have zones which allow separate areas of a house to be temperature controlled. This is an ideal option for New York businesses and residential homes with multiple rooms. The current economy means that saving money is a goal of many businesses and residents. A new energy-stat unit will be the best option to help lower monthly energy costs.

Skilled technicians can replace an old unit with a new unit in no time. One advantage of new units that are energy-efficient is being environmentally friendly.

Air Conditioning Repair

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The lack of proper maintenance often means air conditioning units can break down at the worst times. One common reason is due to units that are running constantly during the summer. This often means the units in residential homes and many businesses may freeze up. Systems being run all day can lead to leakage of water that tends to freeze up. Another concern is parts may become worn, have broken, or will often need basic maintenance.

Air conditioning units may also begin to blow warm air instead of cool air when it is running. This will often be a result of an improper thermostat setting or other issues due to improper maintenance. If your AC unit is not functioning properly, then there are certain issues that could be occurring. The air filter might be dirty or the refrigerant level is low. The outdoor condensing unit may not be running or there is an issue with the compressor. A local HVAC NYC technician can check the unit to determine if there is any problem that needs to be addressed.

Water leaking into a home or building is an issue that can occur with an air conditioning unit. This will typically occur when the drain line is clogged. These lines may have a build up of dirt, algae, and other issues that can lead to health concerns. Low refrigerant in the system is another reason a unit may start to leak water. Leaking water is one of the main causes of ice build up in the system. Once the ice starts to melt, then excessive water leaking can occur. Preventive maintenance will prevent the AC unit from leaking any water.

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

Air conditioning installation

Routine maintenance and inspection of the heating system in a home or business will ensure the unit is able to function properly when it needs to be used. The proper maintenance of the unit is able to prevent having unexpected breakdown. This is the best way to save money over time from not having expensive repairs or increased heating bills due to inefficient operation.

A trained HVAC NYC technician can determine the problem affecting your heating system. There may be various issues that may be unknown to a typical homeowner. This includes the improper settings on the thermostat or the thermostat may be malfunctioning. The heating unit may have parts that are worn or are getting old, such as belts, fan motors, and bearings. Proper air flow may be restricted because of dirty or clogged air filters. The ducts in a home or building may also be dirty. Dirty ducts are often one of the main reasons for poor air quality in a building or residential home.

Air Conditioning System Cleaning

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Cleaning the air ducts in a residential home or business is necessary to prevent various problems. Most issues involve less air flow. This is the reason a home is warmer or colder than you would like. Any allergy sufferers in a home will also be affected by ducts that are dirty. Duct cleaning should be done in a home at least once each year when the air filter has been replaced.

Clean air ducts means improved air flow and no wasted energy. There is also a reduction in the number of allergens in a home which will help improve overall air quality and reduce allergies.

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